COVID-19 PubSeq Pangenome Generate
Version 1

Workflow Type: Common Workflow Language
No description specified


ID Name Description Type
inputReads n/a n/a
  • File[]
metadata n/a n/a
  • File[]
metadataSchema n/a n/a
  • File
subjects n/a n/a
  • string[]
exclude n/a n/a
  • File?
bin_widths n/a width of each bin in basepairs along the graph vector
  • int[]
cells_per_file n/a Cells per file on component_segmentation
  • int


ID Name Description
relabel n/a n/a
dedup n/a n/a
overlapReads n/a n/a
induceGraph n/a n/a
buildGraph n/a n/a
vizGraph n/a n/a
odgi2rdf n/a n/a
mergeMetadata n/a n/a
bin_paths n/a n/a
index_paths Create path index n/a
segment_components Run component segmentation n/a


ID Name Description Type
odgiGraph n/a n/a
  • File
odgiPNG n/a n/a
  • File
seqwishGFA n/a n/a
  • File
odgiRDF n/a n/a
  • File
readsMergeDedup n/a n/a
  • File
mergedMetadata n/a n/a
  • File
indexed_paths n/a n/a
  • File
colinear_components n/a n/a
  • Directory

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Version 1 (earliest) Created 7th Oct 2020 at 10:36 by Michael R. Crusoe

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Open master c89b183
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Pjotr Prins, Andrea Guarracino, Peter Amstutz, Thomas Liener, Adam Novak, Bonface Munyoki, Tazro Inutano Ohta, Michael Heuer

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