Bioinformatics Laboratory for Genomics and Biodiversity (LBGB)

Our lab, affiliated with Genoscope and the Institut de Biologie François Jacob of CEA, is part of a leading research institution with over 20,000 employees across nine centers in France, focusing on defense, low carbon energies, technological, and fundamental research.Genoscope, founded in 1996, shifted to environmental genomics in 2006, collaborating with the national scientific community on diverse projects. Affiliated with Paris-Saclay University, Genoscope specializes in biodiversity exploitation through cutting-edge sequencing and bioinformatics technologies.Equipped with advanced facilities, Genoscope has managed large-scale genomic projects, including sequencing samples from the Tara Ocean expeditions since 2012. The lab operates a 1700-core computing cluster, globally distributed storage of 1.5 PB, and has access to CEA's computing infrastructure, including the CCRT with dedicated large-scale computing and 5 PB storage.

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