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Amplicon analysis workflow using NG-Tax


  • Quality control on the reads
  • Execute NGTax for ASV detection and classification

For more information about NG-Tax 2.0 have a look at

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ID Name Description Type
forward_reads forward reads forward sequence file locally
  • File
reverse_reads reverse reads reverse sequence file locally
  • File?
forward_primer Forward primer Forward primer used
  • string
reverse_primer Reverse primer Reverse primer used
  • string?
reference_db Reference database Reference database used in FASTA format
  • string?
rev_read_len Reverse read length Read length of the reverse read
  • int?
for_read_len Reverse read length Read length of the reverse read
  • int
sample Sample name Name of the sample being analysed
  • string


ID Name Description
fastqc n/a n/a
reads_to_folder n/a n/a
ngtax n/a n/a
fastqc_files_to_folder n/a n/a
ngtax_files_to_folder n/a n/a


ID Name Description Type
files_to_folder_fastqc n/a n/a
  • Directory
files_to_folder_ngtax n/a n/a
  • Directory

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