Generic variation analysis on WGS PE data
Version 1

Workflow Type: Galaxy

Generic variant calling

A generic workflow for identification of variants in a haploid genome such as genomes of bacteria or viruses. It can be readily used on MonkeyPox. The workflow accepts two inputs:

  • A genbank file with the reference genomes
  • A collection of paired fastqsanger files

The workflow outputs a collection of VCF files for each sample (each fastq pair). These VCF files serve as input to the Reporting workflow.

Workflow can be accessed directly on

The general idea of the workflow is:


ID Name Description Type
Paired Collection Paired Collection Illumina reads with fastqsanger encoding n/a
GenBank genome GenBank genome n/a n/a
reads reads runtime parameter for tool Call variants n/a
reference_source reference_source runtime parameter for tool Call variants n/a
invcf invcf runtime parameter for tool Lofreq filter n/a
intervals intervals runtime parameter for tool SnpEff eff: n/a
transcripts transcripts runtime parameter for tool SnpEff eff: n/a


ID Name Description
0 Paired Collection Illumina reads with fastqsanger encoding
1 GenBank genome
2 fastp
3 SnpEff build:
4 Map with BWA-MEM
5 Samtools view
6 Samtools stats
7 MarkDuplicates
8 MultiQC
9 Realign reads
10 Insert indel qualities
11 Call variants
12 Lofreq filter
13 SnpEff eff:


ID Name Description Type
output_paired_coll output_paired_coll n/a
report_html report_html n/a
report_json report_json n/a
snpeff_output snpeff_output n/a
output_fasta output_fasta n/a
bam_output bam_output n/a
outputsam outputsam n/a
output output n/a
metrics_file metrics_file n/a
outFile outFile n/a
stats stats n/a
html_report html_report n/a
realigned realigned n/a
output output n/a
variants variants n/a
outvcf outvcf n/a
snpeff_output snpeff_output n/a
statsFile statsFile n/a

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Wolfgang Maier

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