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WRF/EMEP Linear Workflow

Example Common Workflow Language (CWL) workflow and tool descriptors for running the Weather Research and Forecase (WRF) and EMEP models.

This workflow is designed for a single model domain. Example datasets for testing this workflow can be downloaded from Zenodo.


  • docker or singularity
  • conda
  • cwltool
  • Toil - optional, useful for running on HPC or distributed computing systems

CWL / Toil Installation:

The workflow runner (either cwltool, or ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creator: Douglas Lowe

Submitter: Douglas Lowe

Assembly and quantification metatranscriptome using metagenome data.

Version: see VERSION


MetaGT is a bioinformatics analysis pipeline used for improving and quantification metatranscriptome assembly using metagenome data. The pipeline supports Illumina sequencing data and complete metagenome and metatranscriptome assemblies. The pipeline involves the alignment of metatranscriprome assembly to the metagenome assembly with further extracting CDSs, which are covered by ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Andrey Prjibelski, Varsha Kale, Anton Korobeynikov

Submitter: Varsha Kale


Workflow (hybrid) metagenomic assembly and binning + GEMs

Accepts both Illumina and Long reads (ONT/PacBio)

Workflow binnning (optional)

  • Metabat2/MaxBin2/SemiBin
  • DAS Tool
  • CheckM ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creators: Bart Nijsse, Jasper Koehorst

Submitter: Bart Nijsse


Workflow for LongRead Quality Control and Filtering

  • NanoPlot (read quality control) before and after filtering
  • Filtlong (read trimming)
  • Kraken2 taxonomic read classification before and after filtering
  • Minimap2 read filtering based on given references

Other UNLOCK workflows on WorkflowHub:

All tool CWL files and other workflows can be found here:

**How to setup and use an UNLOCK ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creators: Bart Nijsse, Jasper Koehorst, Germán Royval

Submitter: Bart Nijsse


Workflow for Illumina Quality Control and Filtering

Multiple paired datasets will be merged into single paired dataset.


  • FastQC on raw data files
  • fastp for read quality trimming
  • BBduk for phiX and (optional) rRNA filtering
  • Kraken2 for taxonomic classification of reads (optional)
  • BBmap for (contamination) filtering using given references (optional)
  • FastQC on filtered (merged) data

Other UNLOCK workflows on WorkflowHub: ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creators: Bart Nijsse, Jasper Koehorst

Submitter: Bart Nijsse



Module for integrative Mobilome prediction

Bacteria can acquire genetic material through horizontal gene transfer, allowing them to rapidly adapt to changing environmental conditions. These mobile genetic elements can be classified into three main categories: plasmids, phages, and integrons. Autonomous elements are those capable of excising themselves from the chromosome, reintegrating elsewhere, and potentially modifying the host's physiology. Small integrative elements like insertion ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Alejandra Escobar, Martin Beracochea

Submitter: Alejandra Escobar


RASflow: RNA-Seq Analysis Snakemake Workflow

RASflow is a modular, flexible and user-friendly RNA-Seq analysis workflow.

RASflow can be applied to both model and non-model organisms. It supports mapping RNA-Seq raw reads to both genome and transcriptome (can be downloaded from public database or can be homemade by users) and it can do both transcript- and gene-level Differential Expression Analysis (DEA) when transcriptome is used as mapping reference. It requires little programming skill for ...

Type: Snakemake

Creator: Xiaokang Zhang

Submitter: Xiaokang Zhang


The containerised pipeline for profiling shotgun metagenomic data is derived from the MGnify pipeline raw-reads analyses, a well-established resource used for analyzing microbiome data. Key components:

  • Quality control and decontamination
  • rRNA and ncRNA detection using Rfam database
  • Taxonomic classification of SSU and LSU regions
  • Abundance analysis with mOTUs

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Ekaterina Sakharova, Martin Beracochea

Submitter: Ekaterina Sakharova



wombat-p pipelines is a bioinformatics analysis pipeline that bundles different workflow for the analysis of label-free proteomics data with the purpose of comparison and benchmarking. It allows using files from the proteomics metadata standard SDRF.

The pipeline is built using Nextflow, a workflow tool to run tasks across multiple compute infrastructures in a very portable manner. It uses ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Veit Schwämmle, Magnus Palmblad

Submitters: Laura Rodriguez-Navas, José Mª Fernández



GATK Variant calling pipeline for genomic data using Nextflow



Install Nextflow using the following command:

curl -s | bash

Index reference genome:

$ bwa index /path/to/reference/genome.fa

$ samtools faidx /path/to/reference/genome.fa

$ gatk CreateSequenceDictionary -R /path/to/genome.fa -O genome.dict

Launch the pipeline execution with ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: None

Submitter: Jeffrey Detras

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