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This repository hosts Metabolome Annotation Workflow (MAW). The workflow takes MS2 .mzML format data files as an input in R. It performs spectral database dereplication using R Package Spectra and compound database dereplication using SIRIUS OR MetFrag . Final candidate selection is done in Python using RDKit and PubChemPy.


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python_script n/a n/a
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r_script n/a n/a
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mzml_files n/a n/a
  • File[]
gnps_file n/a n/a
  • File
hmdb_file n/a n/a
  • File
mbank_file n/a n/a
  • File
ppmx n/a n/a
  • int
collision_info n/a n/a
  • boolean
db_name n/a n/a
  • string
db_path n/a n/a
  • File


ID Name Description
analysis n/a n/a


ID Name Description Type
candidate_files n/a n/a
  • array containing
    • array containing
      • File
result n/a n/a
  • File[]

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use docker to run MAW

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Zulfiqar, M., Crusoe, M. R., Gadelha, L., Steinbeck, C., Sorokina, M., & Peters, K. (2023). Metabolome Annotation Workflow (MAW). WorkflowHub.

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