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Exome Alignment Workflow

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ID Name Description Type
fastq_files n/a List of paired-end input FASTQ files
  • File[]
reference_fasta n/a Compress FASTA files with the reference genome chromosomes
  • File
readgroup n/a Parsing header which should correlate to FASTQ files
  • string
sample_name n/a Sample name
  • string


ID Name Description
gunzip n/a n/a
picard_dictionary n/a n/a
cutadapt n/a n/a
bwa_index n/a n/a
samtools_faidx n/a n/a
bwa_mem n/a n/a
samtools_sort n/a n/a
picard_markduplicates n/a n/a


ID Name Description Type
sorted_bam n/a Sorted aligned BAM file
  • File

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