Compute daily and monthly mean from meteorological station measurements
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Workflow Type: Galaxy

This workflow is used to process timeseries from meteorological stations in Finland but can be applied to any timeseries according it follows the same format.

Take a temperature timeseries from any meteorological station. Input format is csv and it must be standardized with 6 columns:

  1. Year (ex: 2021)
  2. month (ex: 1)
  3. day (ex: 15)
  4. Time (ex: 16:56)
  5. Time zone (such as UTC)
  6. Air temperature (degC)


ID Name Description Type
Temperature timeseries (csv) Temperature timeseries (csv) Data is usually sampled at a higher frequency (from second to a few minutes). The dataset must contain 6 columns: 1. Year 2.m 3.d 4.Time 5.Time zone (such as UTC) 6. Air temperature (degC)
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ID Name Description
1 Convert CSV to tabular csv_to_tabular
2 Merge date columns to YYYYMMDD
3 Text reformatting
4 Prepare daiky means
5 Daily mean
6 Monthly mean
7 Positive only Filter1
8 Negative only Filter1
9 Daily climate stripes
10 Monthly climate stripes
11 Prepare bar chart
12 bar char for daily temperatures (C) barchart_gnuplot


ID Name Description Type
daily_mean_timeseries daily_mean_timeseries n/a
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monthly_mean_timeseries monthly_mean_timeseries n/a
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stripes_daily_temperatures stripes_daily_temperatures n/a
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stripes_monthly_temperatures stripes_monthly_temperatures n/a
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daily_barchart daily_barchart n/a
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