Investigation of lockdown effect on air quality between January 2019 to May 2021.
Version 1

Workflow Type: Galaxy

This workflow extracts 5 different time periods e.g. January- June 2019, 2020 and 2021, July-December 2019 and 2020 over a single selected location. Then statistics (mean, minimum, maximum) are computed. The final products are maximum, minimum and mean.

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ID Name Description
0_NetCDF xarray Metadata Info n/a n/a
10_Remove beginning n/a n/a
11_Remove beginning n/a n/a
12_Remove beginning n/a n/a
13_Remove beginning n/a n/a
14_Remove beginning n/a n/a
15_Text reformatting n/a n/a
16_Text reformatting n/a n/a
17_Text reformatting n/a n/a
18_Text reformatting n/a n/a
19_Text reformatting n/a n/a
1_NetCDF xarray Metadata Info n/a n/a
20_Datamash n/a n/a
21_Datamash n/a n/a
22_Datamash n/a n/a
23_Datamash n/a n/a
24_Datamash n/a n/a
25_Datamash n/a n/a
26_Datamash n/a n/a
27_Datamash n/a n/a
28_Datamash n/a n/a
29_Datamash n/a n/a
2_NetCDF xarray Metadata Info n/a n/a
30_Datamash n/a n/a
31_Datamash n/a n/a
32_Datamash n/a n/a
33_Datamash n/a n/a
34_Datamash n/a n/a
35_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
36_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
37_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
38_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
39_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
3_NetCDF xarray Metadata Info n/a n/a
40_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
41_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
42_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
43_Concatenate datasets n/a n/a
44_Paste n/a n/a
45_Paste n/a n/a
46_Paste n/a n/a
47_Paste n/a n/a
48_Paste n/a n/a
49_Paste n/a n/a
4_NetCDF xarray Metadata Info n/a n/a
50_Text reformatting n/a n/a
51_Text reformatting n/a n/a
52_Text reformatting n/a n/a
5_NetCDF xarray Selection n/a n/a
6_NetCDF xarray Selection n/a n/a
7_NetCDF xarray Selection n/a n/a
8_NetCDF xarray Selection n/a n/a
9_NetCDF xarray Selection n/a n/a

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Fouilloux, A. (2021). Investigation of lockdown effect on air quality between January 2019 to May 2021. WorkflowHub.

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