Workflow Type: Galaxy

The workflow runs the RetroSynthesis algorithm to generate a collection of heterologous pathways in a host organism of choice, converts them to SBML files, performs analysis on the pathways to then rank the theoretical best performing ones.


ID Name Description
0 Target InChI
1 RetroRules retrorules
3 Maximal Pathway Length
4 Top Ranking Pathways
5 Make Source makeSource
6 Sink from SBML rpExtractSink
7 RetroPath2.0 retropath2
8 RP2paths rp2paths
9 Pathways to SBML rpReader
10 Complete Reactions rpCofactors
11 Thermodynamics rpThermo
12 FBA rpFBA
13 Rank Pathways rpGlobalScore
14 Pathway Visualiser rpVisualiser
15 Report rpReport


ID Name Description Type
output output n/a
sourceFile sourceFile n/a
output output n/a
scope_csv scope_csv n/a
rp2paths_pathways rp2paths_pathways n/a
rp2paths_compounds rp2paths_compounds n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a

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