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BioTranslator performs sequentially pathway analysis and gene prioritization: A specific operator is executed for each task to translate the input gene set into semantic terms and pinpoint the pivotal-role genes on the derived semantic network. The output consists of the set of statistically significant semantic terms and the associated hub genes (the gene signature), prioritized according to their involvement in the underlying semantic topology.


ID Name Description Type
Input Gene List Input Gene List The input gene set (gene symbols or ensembl gene ids) in 'txt' format.
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ID Name Description
1 Execution of BioTranslator The algorithm consists of two sequential tasks: 1. Pathway Analysis, using the selected ontology 2. Gene Prioritization on the derived network of the enriched terms Outputs: 1. The enriched terms 2. The highly prioritized input genes 3. A heatmap which illustrates the association between prioritized genes and semantic clusters biotranslator_lite


ID Name Description Type
GO Enriched Terms GO Enriched Terms n/a
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GO Gene Prioritization GO Gene Prioritization n/a
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GO Heatmap GO Heatmap n/a
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