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Bootstrapping-for-BQSR @ NCI-Gadi is a pipeline for bootstrapping a variant resource to enable GATK base quality score recalibration (BQSR) for non-model organisms that lack a publicly available variant resource. This implementation is optimised for the National Compute Infrastucture's Gadi HPC. Multiple rounds of bootstrapping can be performed. Users can use Fastq-to-bam @ NCI-Gadi and Germline-ShortV @ NCI-Gadi to produce required input files for Bootstrapping-for-BQSR @ NCI-Gadi.

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Sadsad, R., & Chew, T. (2021). Bootstrapping-for-BQSR @ NCI-Gadi. WorkflowHub.

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Created: 18th Aug 2021 at 00:26

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