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To make your workflow FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), register it in WorkflowHub, a workflow registry with rich metadata capture for workflow discovery and sharing, and value-added services, for workflow testing (LifeMonitor), execution and publication.

The EuroScienceGateway, Biodiversity Genomics Europe and BioDT projects will use WorkflowHub to organise, share and publish their workflows.

This was Ask Me Anything and Bring Your Own Workflow (AMA & BYOW) specifically for these projects to help:

  1. How to best organise and maintain workflows on the Hub
  2. How to register workflows from your git repository
  3. What metadata is needed
  4. How to access workflows from the Hub
  5. Which services are available to support workflow health and well being
  6. The workshop will have:
  7. Short orientation session
  8. Ask me Anything opportunity
  9. Work with participants on their workflow registration
  10. Suggestions for the WorkflowHub DevOps team.
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