Making Canonical Workflow Building Blocks interoperable across workflow languages


We here introduce the concept of Canonical Workflow Building Blocks (CWBB), a methodology of describing and wrapping computational tools, in order for them to be utilized in a reproducible manner from multiple workflow languages and execution platforms. We argue such practice is a necessary requirement for FAIR Computational Workflows [Goble 2020] to improve widespread adoption and reuse of a computational method across workflow language barriers.


DOI: 10.1162/dint_a_00135

Teams: BioBB Building Blocks

Publication type: Journal

Journal: Data Intelligence


Date Published: 7th Mar 2021


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Soiland-Reyes, S., Bayarri, G., Andrio, P., Long, R., Lowe, D., Niewielska, A., Hospital, A., & Groth, P. (2022). Making Canonical Workflow Building Blocks Interoperable across Workflow Languages. In Data Intelligence (Vol. 4, Issue 2, pp. 342–357). MIT Press.

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