Assembly with Flye
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Workflow Type: Galaxy

Assembly with Flye; can run alone or as part of a combined workflow for large genome assembly.

  • What it does: Assembles long reads with the tool Flye
  • Inputs: long reads (may be raw, or filtered, and/or corrected); fastq.gz format
  • Outputs: Flye assembly fasta; Fasta stats on assembly.fasta; Assembly graph image from Bandage; Bar chart of contig sizes; Quast reports of genome assembly
  • Tools used: Flye, Fasta statistics, Bandage, Bar chart, Quast
  • Input parameters: None required, but recommend setting assembly mode to match input sequence type

Workflow steps:

  • Long reads are assembled with Flye, using default tool settings. Note: the default setting for read type ("mode") is nanopore raw. Change this at runtime if required.
  • Statistics are computed from the assembly.fasta file output, using Fasta Statistics and Quast (is genome large: Yes; distinguish contigs with more that 50% unaligned bases: no)
  • The graphical fragment assembly file is visualized with the tool Bandage.
  • Assembly information sent to bar chart to visualize contig sizes


  • See other Flye options.
  • Use a different assembler (in a different workflow).
  • Bandage image options - change size (max size is 32767), labels - add (e.g. node lengths). You can also install Bandage on your own computer and donwload the "graphical fragment assembly" file to view in greater detail.

Infrastructure_deployment_metadata: Galaxy Australia (Galaxy)


ID Name Description Type
long reads long reads n/a n/a
in in runtime parameter for tool Quast n/a


ID Name Description
0 long reads
1 Flye: assembly
2 Fasta statistics
3 Bandage image: Flye assembly
4 Quast genome report
5 Bar chart: show contig sizes barchart_gnuplot


ID Name Description Type
consensus consensus n/a
assembly_graph assembly_graph n/a
assembly_gfa assembly_gfa n/a
assembly_info assembly_info n/a
flye_log flye_log n/a
stats stats n/a
outfile outfile n/a
quast_tabular quast_tabular n/a
report_html report_html n/a
report_pdf report_pdf n/a
log log n/a
out_file1 out_file1 n/a

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