BioDT Guide to using WorkflowHub
Version 1

The BioDT project is producing and maintaining workflows. We need to register those workflows in WorkflowHub:

  1. To give visibility to the workflows created by the project and by the different networks and communities within the project
  2. To give visibility to the workflows used by project that were created
  3. To share workflows across the project, within project networks and externally
  4. To credit and cite the people making the workflows and the networks to which they belong
  5. To track the versions of workflows as they are produced, and
  6. To retain the workflows for post-project use by the networks

This project-specific guide shows how the BioDT will make use of WorkflowHub, such as navigating the BioDT Teams.

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Soiland-Reyes, S. (2024). BioDT Guide to using WorkflowHub. WorkflowHub.

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