Workflow Type: Galaxy

Take an anndata file, and perform basic QC with scanpy. Produces a filtered AnnData object.


ID Name Description Type
AnnData - Loaded AnnData - Loaded n/a
  • File
MaxMTpc MaxMTpc Cells with more than this percentage of counts coming from mitochondrial genes will be removed.
  • float?
MinCountPerCell MinCountPerCell Cells with fewer than this number of total counts will be removed.
  • float?
MinGenesPerCell MinGenesPerCell Cells with fewer than this many distinct genes observed will be removed.
  • float?
Mitochondrial Prefix Mitochondrial Prefix Prefix on mitochondrial gene names. Default MT- typical for human, mt- for mouse. If mitochondrial genes are not prefixed, Mito flagging, plotting and filtering steps will need to be removed.
  • string?


ID Name Description
5 Flag Mt- genes
6 Plot
7 Plot
8 Cell Filtering
9 Scanpy Scrublet
10 Plot


ID Name Description Type
genecount_qc_plot genecount_qc_plot n/a
  • File
mito_qc_plot mito_qc_plot n/a
  • File
qc_anndata_object qc_anndata_object n/a
  • File
top_genes_plot top_genes_plot n/a
  • File

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