Combined workflows for large genome assembly
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Workflow Type: Galaxy

Combined workflow for large genome assembly

The tutorial document for this workflow is here:

What it does: A workflow for genome assembly, containing subworkflows:

  • Data QC
  • Kmer counting
  • Trim and filter reads
  • Assembly with Flye
  • Assembly polishing
  • Assess genome quality


  • long reads and short reads in fastq format
  • reference genome for Quast


  • Data information - QC, kmers
  • Filtered, trimmed reads
  • Genome assembly, assembly graph, stats
  • Polished assembly, stats
  • Quality metrics - Busco, Quast


  • Omit some steps - e.g. Data QC and kmer counting
  • Replace a module with one using a different tool - e.g. change assembly tool

Infrastructure_deployment_metadata: Galaxy Australia (Galaxy)


ID Name Description
5 kmer counting - meryl c0b5fbb61b12154d
6 Data QC ae3b48869cad659b
7 Trim and filter reads - fastp 2ed2445df255451a
8 Assembly with Flye ec0fc1dbb6a13fe5
9 Assembly polishing 1fbcdce7d5823b15
10 Assess genome quality 9d0e6aba18484ea8

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