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COVID-19: variation analysis on ARTIC ONT data

This workflow for ONT-sequenced ARTIC data is modeled after the alignment/variant-calling steps of the ARTIC pipeline. It performs, essentially, the same steps as that pipeline’s minion command, i.e. read mapping with minimap2 and variant calling with medaka. Like the Illumina ARTIC workflow it uses ivar for primer trimming. Since ONT-sequenced reads have a much higher error rate than Illumina-sequenced reads and are therefor plagued more by false-positive variant calls, this workflow does make no attempt to handle amplicons affected by potential primer-binding site mutations.


ID Name Description Type
Maximum read length Maximum read length Discard reads that are longer than this length
  • int?
Minimum read length Minimum read length Discard reads that are shorter than this length
  • int?
NC_045512.2 FASTA sequence of SARS-CoV-2 NC_045512.2 FASTA sequence of SARS-CoV-2 Fasta sequence for Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome
  • File
ONT-sequenced reads ONT-sequenced reads ONT reads from ARTIC assay with fastqsanger encoding
  • File[]
Primer binding sites info in BED format Primer binding sites info in BED format BED file containing (ARTIC) primer positions. For ARTIC primer schemes the file can be obtained from
  • File


ID Name Description
5 fastp
6 Compute
7 Replace Text
8 Map with minimap2
9 Datamash
10 Samtools view
11 Parse parameter value param_value_from_file
12 Samtools stats
13 BamLeftAlign
14 ivar trim
15 QualiMap BamQC
16 medaka consensus tool
17 Filter failed __FILTER_FAILED_DATASETS__
18 medaka variant tool
19 medaka variant tool
20 Flatten Collection __FLATTEN__
21 bedtools Intersect intervals
22 MultiQC
23 bcftools annotate
24 SnpEff eff covid19 version
25 Lofreq filter
26 Replace


ID Name Description Type
length_filtered_reads length_filtered_reads n/a
  • File
fastp_report fastp_report n/a
  • File
minimap2_mapped_reads minimap2_mapped_reads n/a
  • File
filtered_mapped_reads filtered_mapped_reads n/a
  • File
mapped_reads_stats mapped_reads_stats n/a
  • File
realigned_filtered_mapped_reads realigned_filtered_mapped_reads n/a
  • File
primer_trimmed_realigned_filtered_mapped_reads primer_trimmed_realigned_filtered_mapped_reads n/a
  • File
bamqc_raw_output bamqc_raw_output n/a
  • File
bamqc_html_output bamqc_html_output n/a
  • File
medaka_consensus_data medaka_consensus_data n/a
  • File
medaka_variants_general medaka_variants_general n/a
  • File
medaka_variants_pbs medaka_variants_pbs n/a
  • File
bamqc_raw_output_flattened bamqc_raw_output_flattened n/a
  • File
variants_pbs variants_pbs n/a
  • File
preprocessing_and_mapping_reports preprocessing_and_mapping_reports n/a
  • File
variants_combined variants_combined n/a
  • File
annotated_variants annotated_variants n/a
  • File
annotated_variants_stats annotated_variants_stats n/a
  • File
lofreq_filtered lofreq_filtered n/a
  • File
annotated_softfiltered_variants annotated_softfiltered_variants n/a
  • File

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