Workflow Type: Galaxy

COVID-19: variation analysis reporting

This workflow takes VCF datasets of variants produced by any of the variant calling workflows in and generates tabular reports of variants by samples and by variant, along with an overview plot of variants and their allele-frequencies across all samples.


ID Name Description Type
AF Filter AF Filter Allele Frequency Filter. This is the minimum allele frequency required for variants to be included in the reports.
  • float?
DP Filter DP Filter Depth Filter. This is the minimum depth of all alignments at a variant site.
  • int?
DP_ALT Filter DP_ALT Filter Depth Filter for variant allele. This is the minimum depth of alignments supporting a variant.
  • int?
Number of Clusters Number of Clusters Number of Clusters to use in Variant Frequency Plot.
  • int?
Variation data to report Variation data to report Variation data in VCF format. Can be the output of any of the workflows in
  • File[]
gene products translations gene products translations A custom tabular file mapping NCBI RefSeq Protein identifiers as used by snpEff version 4.5covid19 to their commonly used names. Can be obtained from
  • File


ID Name Description
6 SnpSift Filter
7 Compose text parameter value
8 Compose text parameter value
9 SnpSift Filter
10 SnpSift Extract Fields
11 Replace column
12 Compute
13 Datamash
14 Replace
15 Replace
16 Replace
17 Collapse Collection
18 Compute
19 Compute
20 Replace
21 Datamash
22 Filter Filter1
23 Datamash
24 Join
25 Datamash
26 Datamash
27 Datamash
28 Join
29 Join
30 Cut Cut1
31 Join
32 Cut Cut1
33 Replace
34 Cut Cut1
35 Split file
36 Variant Frequency Plot
37 Sort
38 Sort


ID Name Description Type
prefiltered_variants prefiltered_variants n/a
  • File
filtered_variants filtered_variants n/a
  • File
filtered_extracted_variants filtered_extracted_variants n/a
  • File
filtered_and_renamed_effects filtered_and_renamed_effects n/a
  • File
af_recalculated af_recalculated n/a
  • File
collapsed_effects collapsed_effects n/a
  • File
highest_impact_effects highest_impact_effects n/a
  • File
cleaned_header cleaned_header n/a
  • File
processed_variants_collection processed_variants_collection n/a
  • File
all_variants_all_samples all_variants_all_samples n/a
  • File
variants_for_plotting variants_for_plotting n/a
  • File
variant_frequency_plot variant_frequency_plot n/a
  • File
combined_variant_report combined_variant_report n/a
  • File
by_variant_report by_variant_report n/a
  • File

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