de.NBI/ELIXIR-DE Reproducible Research Workshop: Bioinformatics Workflow Management 2021

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of good scientific practice. Thanks to funding provided by ELIXIR Training Platform Task 2, we have brought together the biggest names in bioinformatics workflow management for a 3 day practical workshop. We have presentations from the development teams of CWL, Snakemake, Nextflow, nf-core and more. If you want to learn more about the workflow management concepts that will be addressed in this workshop, check out these articles:

Workflow systems turn raw data into scientific knowledge
Methods Included: Standardizing Computational Reuse and Portability with the Common Workflow Language
Sustainable data analysis with Snakemake
Nextflow enables reproducible computational workflows
The nf-core framework for community-curated bioinformatics pipelines
Lessons Learned: Recommendations for Establishing Critical Periodic Scientific Benchmarking
Registering workflows via the ELIXIR workflow hub
You can also monitor workflows via LifeMonitor and benchmark them via OpenEBench



Naveed Ishaque, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité University Hospital
Sina Barysch, EMBL
Franziska Mueller, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité University Hospital
Daniel Wibberg, CeBiTec, Univerity of Bielefeld

Target audience: PhD/postdoc-level bioinformaticians familiar with omics analysis and scripting in python/R. You should already be familiar with some data analysis workflows and ready to take your first steps in trying out a modern workflow management tool.

Places: 30 attendees - apply soon to avoid disappointment!

Location: virtual via Zoom. The practical sessions will require use of your own laptop, HPC etc. You will need access to a linux terminal. Please note that you will be expected to set up software environments for the practical sessions before hand. Details on how to do this will be provided in due course.

Dates: Monday 29th November – Wednesday 1st December 2021.

Live stream: this event will be live streamed on twitch:

Contact: for more information email Naveed Ishaque,


Teams: ELIXIR Training

Carole Goble

29th Nov 2021 at 17:50

1st Dec 2021 at 17:50




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