Finding the Muon Stopping Site using PyMuonSuite
Version 1

Workflow Type: Galaxy

Finding potential muon stopping sites in crystalline copper


ID Name Description Type
Copper-out.cell Copper-out.cell CASTEP structural file for the relaxed host material
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Copper.castep Copper.castep main CASTEP output file
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Copper.den_fmt Copper.den_fmt CASTEP charge density file
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ID Name Description
3 PyMuonSuite AIRSS UEP Optimise Galaxy tool used to: load the CASTEP files; complete the Generation parameters to set up the creation of randomly populated muonated structures; and complete the Optimisation parameters to set up the relaxation the electrostatic forces of the muon in each of the randomly populated muonated structures.
4 PyMuonSuite AIRSS Cluster


ID Name Description Type
All muons in host material All muons in host material n/a
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  • Leandro Liborio
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Muon Spectroscopy Computational Project


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