scRNAseq: Load counts matrix
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Workflow Type: Galaxy

Loads a single cell counts matrix into an annData format - adding a column called sample with the sample name. (Input format - matrix.mtx, features.tsv and barcodes.tsv)


ID Name Description Type
Sample Sample Short, unique sample name
  • string
barcodes.tsv barcodes.tsv n/a
  • File
genes.tsv genes.tsv n/a
  • File
matrix.mtx matrix.mtx n/a
  • File


ID Name Description
4 Scanpy Read10x
5 Inspect AnnData
6 Create text file
7 Text transformation This step replaces the first line with a header. Because the annotated data matrix also had a header, this works.
8 Loaded Anndata with Sample name AnnData object with supplied sample id.


ID Name Description Type
AnnData Loaded AnnData Loaded n/a
  • File

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  • Valentine Murigneaux
Williams, S., Thang, M., & Murigneaux, V. (2023). {scRNAseq on galaxy workflows}.
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