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tg_ens_mean_0_1deg_reg_v20_0e_Paris_daily_csv n/a n/a
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ts_cities_csv n/a n/a
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ID Name Description
10_Datamash n/a n/a
11_Datamash n/a n/a
12_Datamash n/a n/a
13_Datamash n/a n/a
14_Scatterplot w ggplot2 n/a n/a
2_Copernicus Essential Climate Variables n/a n/a
3_climate stripes n/a n/a
4_Select n/a n/a
5_Datamash n/a n/a
6_Datamash n/a n/a
7_Datamash n/a n/a
8_Text reformatting n/a n/a
9_map plot n/a n/a

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