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This is part of a series of workflows to annotate a genome, tagged with TSI-annotation. These workflows are based on command-line code by Luke Silver, converted into Galaxy Australia workflows.

The workflows can be run in this order:

  • Repeat masking
  • RNAseq QC and read trimming
  • Find transcripts
  • Combine transcripts
  • Extract transcripts
  • Convert formats
  • Fgenesh annotation

Maintainers: Anna Syme

Number of items: 7

Tags: TSI-annotation

This ARDC and BioCommons sponsored project delivers a key component of BioCommon’s vision for an ecosystem of platforms providing researchers with sophisticated data analysis and digital asset stewardship capabilities. The Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) Platform ( has enabled highly accessible, highly available, highly scalable analysis and data sharing capabilities for the benefit of life science researchers nationally.

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Maintainers: Johan Gustafsson, Lisa Phippard

Number of items: 39

Tags: Australian BioCommons

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Maintainers: Johan Gustafsson

Number of items: 4

Tags: Genome assembly, HiFi, Galaxy

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