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This is a Nextflow implementaion of the GATK Somatic Short Variant Calling workflow. This workflow can be used to discover somatic short variants (SNVs and indels) from tumour and matched normal BAM files following GATK's Best Practices Workflow. The workflowis currently optimised to run efficiently and at scale on the National Compute Infrastructure, Gadi.


Fastq-to-BAM @ NCI-Gadi is a genome alignment workflow that takes raw FASTQ files, aligns them to a reference genome and outputs analysis ready BAM files. This workflow is designed for the National Computational Infrastructure's (NCI) Gadi supercompter, leveraging multiple nodes on NCI Gadi to run all stages of the workflow in parallel, either massively parallel using the scatter-gather approach or parallel by sample. It consists of a number of stages and follows the BROAD Institute's best practice ...

Type: Shell Script

Creators: Cali Willet, Tracy Chew, Georgina Samaha, Rosemarie Sadsad, Andrey Bliznyuk, Ben Menadue, Rika Kobayashi, Matthew Downton, Yue Sun

Submitter: Georgina Samaha

DOI: 10.48546/workflowhub.workflow.146.1


Shotgun Metagenomics Analysis

Analysis of metagenomic shotgun sequences including assembly, speciation, ARG discovery and more


The input for this analysis is paired end next generation sequencing data from metagenomic samples. The workflow is designed to be modular, so that individual modules can be run depending on the nature of the metagenomics project at hand. More modules will be added as we develop them - this repo is a work in progress!

These scripts have been written ...

Type: Shell Script

Creators: Cali Willet, Rosemarie Sadsad, Tracy Chew, Smitha Sukumar, Elena Martinez, Christina Adler, Henry Lydecker, Fang Wang

Submitter: Tracy Chew

DOI: 10.48546/workflowhub.workflow.327.1

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