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Workflow Type: Galaxy

VGP Workflow #1

This workflow produces a Meryl database and Genomescope outputs that will be used to determine parameters for following workflows, and assess the quality of genome assemblies. Specifically, it provides information about the genomic complexity, such as the genome size and levels of heterozygosity and repeat content, as well about the data quality.


  • Collection of Hifi long reads in FASTQ format


  • Meryl Database of kmer counts
  • GenomeScope
    • Linear plot
    • Log plot
    • Transformed linear plot
    • Transformed log plot
    • Summary
    • Model
    • Model parameteres


ID Name Description Type
Collection of Pacbio Data Collection of Pacbio Data Collection of Pacbio Data in fastq format.
  • File[]
K-mer length K-mer length K-mer length used to calculate k-mer spectra. For a human genome, the best k-mer size is k=21 for both haploid (3.1G) or diploid (6.2G).
  • int?
Ploidy Ploidy Ploidy for model to use. Default=2
  • int?


ID Name Description
3 Meryl
4 Meryl
5 Meryl
6 GenomeScope


ID Name Description Type
Merged Meryl Database Merged Meryl Database n/a
  • File
GenomeScope summary GenomeScope summary n/a
  • File
GenomeScope model GenomeScope model n/a
  • File
GenomeScope transformed linear plot GenomeScope transformed linear plot n/a
  • File
GenomeScope linear plot GenomeScope linear plot n/a
  • File
GenomeScope log plot GenomeScope log plot n/a
  • File
GenomeScope transformed log plot GenomeScope transformed log plot n/a
  • File
GenomeScope model parameters GenomeScope model parameters n/a
  • File

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