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EJPRD WP13 case-studies workflows from phase 1.

An integrative analysis pipeline of genomic and transcriptomic human data for disentangling the genetic origin of a rare-disease in the context of the European Open Science Cloud.

Ongoing analysis of COVID-19 using Galaxy, BioConda and public research infrastructures

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Start date: 1st Jan 2019

End date: 31st May 2023

MGnify (formerly known as EBImetagenomics) is a free resource for the assembly, analysis, archiving and browsing all types of microbiome derived sequence data.

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nfcore/viralrecon is a bioinformatics analysis pipeline used to perform assembly and intrahost/low-frequency variant calling for viral samples. The pipeline currently supports metagenomics and amplicon sequencing data derived from the Illumina sequencing platform.

OpenEBench ( is the ELIXIR benchmarking and technical monitoring platform for bioinformatics tools, web servers, and workflows. OpenEBench is part of the ELIXIR Tools platform and its development is led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in collaboration with partners within ELIXIR and beyond.

Within the ELIXIR project, OpenEBench is being developed under the Tools Platform at the Work Package 2 (WP2: Benchmarking) ( ...

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