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ASPICov was developed to provide a rapid, reliable and complete analysis of NGS SARS-Cov2 samples to the biologist. This broad application tool allows to process samples from either capture or amplicon strategy and Illumina or Ion Torrent technology. To ensure FAIR data analysis, this Nextflow pipeline follows nf-core guidelines and use Singularity containers.

Availability and Implementation:

Citation: Valentin Tilloy, Pierre Cuzin, Laura Leroi, Emilie Guérin, ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Valentin Tilloy, Pierre Cuzin, Laura Leroi, Patrick Durand, Sophie Alain

Submitter: Valentin Tilloy


SAMBA is a FAIR scalable workflow integrating, into a unique tool, state-of-the-art bioinformatics and statistical methods to conduct reproducible eDNA analyses using Nextflow. SAMBA starts processing by verifying integrity of raw reads and metadata. Then all bioinformatics processing is done using commonly used procedure (QIIME 2 and DADA2) but adds new steps relying on dbOTU3 and microDecon to build high quality ASV count tables. Extended statistical analyses are also performed. Finally, SAMBA ...

Type: Nextflow

Creators: Cyril Noel, Alexandre Cormier, Laura Leroi, Patrick Durand, Laure Quintric

Submitter: Cyril Noel

DOI: 10.48546/workflowhub.workflow.156.1


ORSON combine state-of-the-art tools for annotation processes within a Nextflow pipeline: sequence similarity search (PLAST, BLAST or Diamond), functional annotation retrieval (BeeDeeM) and functional prediction (InterProScan). When required, BUSCO completness evaluation and eggNOG Orthogroup annotation can be activated. While ORSON results can be analyzed through the command-line, it also offers the possibility to be compatible with BlastViewer or Blast2GO graphical tools.

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