COMPSs with Incrementation and Fibonacci series example
COMPSs version 3.3

Workflow Type: COMPSs

Name: Incrementation and Fibonacci
Access Level: public
License Agreement: Apache2
Platform: COMPSs


Brief Overview: Demonstrates COMPSs task parallelism with increment and Fibonacci computations. Helps to understand COMPSs.

Detailed Description:

  1. Performs multiple increments of input values in parallel using COMPSs.
  2. Concurrently calculates Fibonacci numbers using recursive COMPSs tasks.
  3. Demonstrates task synchronization via compss_wait_on.

Execution instructions


runcompss src/ value1 Value2 Value3 
#add more values if you want

Execution Examples

runcompss src/ 1 4 3 9 6 9 


No build is required

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Uploading this Workflow under the guidance of Raül Sirvent.


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