Workflow Type: Galaxy

Assembly with Hifi reads and Trio Data

Generate phased assembly based on PacBio Hifi Reads using parental Illumina data for phasing


  1. Hifi long reads [fastq]
  2. Concatenated Illumina reads : Paternal [fastq]
  3. Concatenated Illumina reads : Maternal [fastq]
  4. K-mer database [meryldb]
  5. Paternal hapmer database [meryldb]
  6. Maternal hapmer database [meryldb]
  7. Genome profile summary generated by Genomescope [txt]
  8. Genome model parameters generated by Genomescope [tabular]
  9. Homozygous read coverage (Estimated from the Genomescope model if not provided)
  10. Lineage of the species being assembled
  11. Bloom Filter
  12. Name of first haplotype
  13. Name of second haplotype


  1. Haplotype 1 assembly
  2. Haplotype 2 assembly
  3. QC: BUSCO report for both assemblies
  4. Merqury report for both assemblies
  5. Assembly statistics for both assemblies
  6. Nx Plot for both assemblies
  7. Size plot for both assemblies


ID Name Description Type
Bits for bloom filter Bits for bloom filter Defaults to 37 if not specified. For genomes much larger than human, applying -f38 or even -f39 is preferred to save memory on k-mer counting.
  • int?
Genomescope Model Parameters Genomescope Model Parameters GenomeScope model parameters generated by K-mer profiling workflow
  • File
Genomescope Summary Genomescope Summary n/a
  • File
Hapmer Database : Maternal Hapmer Database : Maternal n/a
  • File
Hapmer Database : Paternal Hapmer Database : Paternal n/a
  • File
Homozygous Read Coverage Homozygous Read Coverage If empty, read coverage will be estimated from the Genomescope parameters.
  • int?
Lineage Lineage Taxonomic lineage for the organism being assembled for Busco analysis
  • string
Maternal Illumina reads (hap2) Maternal Illumina reads (hap2) n/a
  • File[]
Meryl Database : Child Meryl Database : Child n/a
  • File
Name for Haplotype 1 Name for Haplotype 1 n/a
  • string?
Name for Haplotype 2 Name for Haplotype 2 n/a
  • string?
Pacbio Reads Collection : child Pacbio Reads Collection : child n/a
  • File[]
Paternal Illumina reads (hap1) Paternal Illumina reads (hap1) n/a
  • File[]
SAK input file (Optional) SAK input file (Optional) n/a
  • File?
Utilize homology information to correct trio-phasing errors Utilize homology information to correct trio-phasing errors --trio-dual option
  • boolean?


ID Name Description
15 Cutadapt
16 Compute
17 Search in textfiles
18 MultiQC
19 Cut Cut1
20 Replace Text
21 Parse parameter value param_value_from_file
22 Convert Convert characters1
23 Homozygous read coverage for Hifiasm
24 Cut Cut1
25 Hifiasm
26 Estimated genome size param_value_from_file
27 gfastats
28 gfastats
29 Raw Unitig Image
30 gfastats
31 gfastats
32 gfastats
33 gfastats
34 gfastats
35 gfastats
36 Busco
37 Busco
38 Merqury
39 Data prep Hap1 n/a
40 Data Prep Hap2 n/a
41 Text reformatting
42 Text reformatting
43 Plots n/a
44 Join


ID Name Description Type
json_stats json_stats n/a
  • File
multiqc html report multiqc html report n/a
  • File
cutadapt multiqc stats cutadapt multiqc stats n/a
  • File
Estimated Genome size Estimated Genome size n/a
  • File
usable hap1 gfa usable hap1 gfa n/a
  • File
usable hap2 gfa usable hap2 gfa n/a
  • File
Hifiasm Trio hap1 Hifiasm Trio hap1 n/a
  • File
Hifiasm Trio hap2 Hifiasm Trio hap2 n/a
  • File
Busco Gff Hap1 Busco Gff Hap1 n/a
  • File
Busco Summary Hap1 Busco Summary Hap1 n/a
  • File
Busco Summary Image Hap1 Busco Summary Image Hap1 n/a
  • File
Busco Gff Hap2 Busco Gff Hap2 n/a
  • File
Busco Summary Image Hap2 Busco Summary Image Hap2 n/a
  • File
Busco Summary Hap2 Busco Summary Hap2 n/a
  • File
Merqury Images Merqury Images n/a
  • File
Merqury Trio Histogram Merqury Trio Histogram n/a
  • File
Size Plot Size Plot n/a
  • File
Nx Plot Nx Plot n/a
  • File
Assembly statistics for Hap1 and Hap2 Assembly statistics for Hap1 and Hap2 n/a
  • File

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