Workflow Type: Galaxy

Automated inference of stable isotope incorporation rates in proteins for functional metaproteomics


ID Name Description Type
Centroided LC-MS datasets Centroided LC-MS datasets mgf, ms2, mzml or mzxml datasets
  • File[]
Fasta Database Fasta Database A protein sequence database in FASTA format
  • File
Fixed modifications Fixed modifications used for the MSGF+ search
  • string
Labeled element Labeled element Used for MetaProSIP (single letter code)
  • string
Precursor monoisotopic mass tolerance (ppm) Precursor monoisotopic mass tolerance (ppm) passed to - MSGF+ -precursor_mass_tolerance - MetaProSIP -mz_tolerance_ppm
  • float
Variable modifications Variable modifications used for the MSGF+ search
  • string


ID Name Description
6 Sort collection __SORTLIST__
7 DecoyDatabase
8 FeatureFinderMultiplex
9 MSGFPlusAdapter
10 PeptideIndexer
11 FalseDiscoveryRate
12 IDMapper
13 MetaProSIP


ID Name Description Type
Feature fitting result Feature fitting result n/a
  • File
Peptide centric result Peptide centric result n/a
  • File

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