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RepeatMasking Workflow

This workflow uses RepeatModeler and RepeatMasker for genome analysis.

  • RepeatModeler is a software package for identifying and modeling de novo families of transposable elements (TEs). At the heart of RepeatModeler are three de novo repeat search programs (RECON, RepeatScout and LtrHarvest/Ltr_retriever) which use complementary computational methods to identify repeat element boundaries and family relationships from sequence data.

  • RepeatMasker is a program that analyzes DNA sequences for interleaved repeats and low-complexity DNA sequences. The result of the program is a detailed annotation of the repeats present in the query sequence, as well as a modified version of the query sequence in which all annotated repeats are present.

Input dataset for RepeatModeler

  • RepeatModeler requires a single input file, a genome in fasta format.

Outputs dataset for RepeatModeler

  • Two output files are generated:
    • summary file (.tbl)
    • fasta file containing alignments in order of appearance in the query sequence

Input dataset for RepeatMasker

  • ReapatMasker requires the fasta file generated by RepeatModeler

Outputs datasets for RepeatMasker

  • Five output files are generated:
    • a fasta file
    • .gff3 file
    • a table summarizing the repeated content of the sequence analyzed
    • a file with statistics related to the repeated content of the sequence analyzed
    • a summary of the mutation sites found and the order of grouping


ID Name Description Type
input #main/input n/a
  • File


ID Name Description
1 RepeatModeler
2 RepeatMasker


ID Name Description Type
RepeatMasker masked genome #main/RepeatMasker masked genome n/a
  • File
RepeatMasker output log #main/RepeatMasker output log n/a
  • File
RepeatMasker repeat annotation #main/RepeatMasker repeat annotation n/a
  • File
RepeatMasker repeat catalog #main/RepeatMasker repeat catalog n/a
  • File
RepeatMasker repeat statistics #main/RepeatMasker repeat statistics n/a
  • File
RepeatModeler consensus sequences #main/RepeatModeler consensus sequences n/a
  • File
RepeatModeler seeds alignments #main/RepeatModeler seeds alignments n/a
  • File

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