De novo digitisation
Version 1

Workflow Type: Galaxy

An example workflow to allow users to run the Specimen Data Refinery tools on data provided in an input CSV file.


ID Name Description Type
DLA Region - Training Model DLA Region - Training Model n/a n/a
DLA Text - Training Model DLA Text - Training Model n/a n/a


ID Name Description
0 DLA Region - Training Model
1 DLA Text - Training Model
2 Input dataset
3 Remove header Remove beginning1
4 Split file
5 Create specimen data object from csv sdr_create_sdo_from_csv
6 Filter failed datasets __FILTER_FAILED_DATASETS__
7 Extract file name
8 DLA - detect regions sdr_teklia_worker_dla
9 DLA - detect text lines sdr_teklia_worker_dla
10 SDR Teklia worker-htr sdr_teklia_worker_htr
11 SDR Teklia worker-ner sdr_teklia_worker_ner
12 Bundle Collection


ID Name Description Type
out_file1 out_file1 n/a
list_output_txt list_output_txt n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
output output n/a
html_file html_file n/a

Version History

Version 1 (earliest) Created 8th Jul 2022 at 14:00 by Oliver Woolland

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Frozen Version-1 758314e
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Brack, P., Woolland, O., & Livermore, L. (2022). De novo digitisation. WorkflowHub.

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Created: 8th Jul 2022 at 14:00

Last used: 11th Aug 2022 at 00:55

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