PyCOMPSs Probabilistic Tsunami Forecast (PTF) - Boumerdes-2003 earthquake and tsunami test-case
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PyCOMPSs implementation of Probabilistic Tsunami Forecast (PTF). PTF explicitly treats data- and forecast-uncertainties, enabling alert level definitions according to any predefined level of conservatism, which is connected to the average balance of missed-vs-false-alarms. Run of the Boumerdes-2003 event test-case with 1000 scenarios, 8h tsunami simulation for each and forecast calculations for partial and full ensembles with focal mechanism and tsunami data updates.

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help Creators and Submitter
  • Louise Cordrie
  • Jorge Ejarque
  • Carlos Sánchez Linares
  • Jacopo Selva
  • Jorge Macías
  • Steven J. Gibbons
  • Fabrizio Bernardi
  • Roberto Tonini
  • Rosa M. Badia
  • Sonia Scardigno
  • Stefano Lorito
  • Finn Løvholt
  • Fabrizio Romano
  • Manuela Volpe
  • Alessandro D'Anca
  • Marc de la Asunción
  • Manuel J. Castro
Cordrie, L., Ejarque, J., Sánchez Linares, C., Selva, J., Macías, J., J. Gibbons, S., Bernardi, F., Tonini, R., M. Badia, R., Scardigno, S., Lorito, S., Løvholt, F., Romano, F., Volpe, M., D'Anca, A., De La Asunción, M., & J. Castro, M. (2024). PyCOMPSs Probabilistic Tsunami Forecast (PTF) - Boumerdes-2003 earthquake and tsunami test-case. WorkflowHub.

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Created: 5th Mar 2024 at 12:29

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