Java COMPSs wordcount example (laptop run, files used as inputs)
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Name: Java Wordcount
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Wordcount application. There are two versions of Wordcount, depending on how the input data is given.

Version 1

''Single input file'', where all the text is given in the same file and the chunks are calculated with a BLOCK_SIZE parameter.

Version 2

''Multiple input files'', where the text fragments are already in different files under the same directory

Execution instructions


runcompss --classpath=application_sources/jar/wordcount.jar wordcount.multipleFiles.Wordcount DATA_FOLDER
runcompss --classpath=application_sources/jar/wordcount.jar wordcount.uniqueFile.Wordcount DATA_FILE BLOCK_SIZE


  • DATA_FOLDER: Absolute path to the base folder of the dataset files
  • DATA_FILE: Absolute path to the dabase file
  • BLOCK_SIZE: Number of bytes of each block

Execution Examples

runcompss --classpath=application_sources/jar/wordcount.jar wordcount.multipleFiles.Wordcount dataset/data-set/
runcompss --classpath=application_sources/jar/wordcount.jar wordcount.uniqueFile.Wordcount dataset/data-set/file_small.txt 650
runcompss --classpath=application_sources/jar/wordcount.jar wordcount.uniqueFile.Wordcount dataset/data-set/file_long.txt 250000


Option 1: Native java

cd application_sources/; javac src/main/java/wordcount/*.java
cd src/main/java/; jar cf wordcount.jar wordcount/
cd ../../../; mv src/main/java/wordcount.jar jar/

Option 2: Maven

cd application_sources/
mvn clean package

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