eFlows4HPC Demo ROM Workflow
PyCOMPSs 3.3.pr

Workflow Type: COMPSs

A demonstration workflow for Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) within the eFlows4HPC project, implemented using Kratos Multiphysics, EZyRB, COMPSs, and dislib.

Click and drag the diagram to pan, double click or use the controls to zoom.

Version History

PyCOMPSs 3.3.pr (earliest) Created 20th Oct 2023 at 12:59 by Raül Sirvent

This was run using PyCOMPSs 3.3 pre-release version, in Nord3 cluster

Frozen Version-1 8919971
help Creators and Submitter
  • Jose Raul Bravo Martinez
  • Sebastian Ares de Parga Regalado
  • Riccardo Rossi Bernecoli
  • Jorge Ejarque
Raul Bravo Martinez, J., Ares De Parga Regalado, S., Rossi Bernecoli, R., & Ejarque, J. (2024). eFlows4HPC Demo ROM Workflow. WorkflowHub. https://doi.org/10.48546/WORKFLOWHUB.WORKFLOW.614.1

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Created: 20th Oct 2023 at 12:59

Last updated: 23rd Oct 2023 at 19:49

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