Randomized SVD
COMPSs 3.3.1

Workflow Type: COMPSs

Name: TruncatedSVD (Randomized SVD)
Contact Person: support-compss@bsc.es
Access Level: public
License Agreement: Apache2
Platform: COMPSs
Machine: MareNostrum5

TruncatedSVD (Randomized SVD) for computing just 456 singular values out of a (4.5M x 850) size matrix.
The input matrix represents a CFD transient simulation of air moving past a cylinder.
This application used dislib-0.9.0

Version History

COMPSs 3.3.1 (earliest) Created 5th Jul 2024 at 09:05 by Cristian Tatu

Executed with COMPSs version 3.3.1, dislib described as softwareRequirements in the RO-Crate

Frozen COMPSs-3.3.1 52a4ee5
help Creators and Submitter

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Created: 5th Jul 2024 at 09:05

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