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Escalibur Population Genomic Analysis Pipeline is able to explore key aspects centering the population genetics of organisms, and automates three key bioinformatic components in population genomic analysis using Workflow Definition Language (WDL:, and customised R, Perl, Python and Unix shell scripts. Associated programs are packaged into a platform independent singularity image, for which the definition file is provided.

The workflow for analysis using Escalibur ...

Type: Workflow Description Language

Creators: None

Submitter: Pasi Korhonen

CWL based workflow to assemble haploid/diploid eukaryote genomes of non-model organisms

The workflow is designed to use both PacBio long-reads and Illumina short-reads. The workflow first extracts, corrects, trims and decontaminates the long reads. Decontaminated trimmed reads are then used to assemble the genome and raw reads are used to polish it. Next, Illumina reads are cleaned and used to further polish the resultant assembly. Finally, the polished assembly is masked using inferred repeats ...

Type: Common Workflow Language

Creator: Pasi Korhonen

Submitter: Pasi Korhonen

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