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Scientific workflows capture precise descriptions of the steps and data dependencies needed to carry out computational experiments in many areas of Science, ranging from Astrophysics to Bioinformatics or Geosciences. In order to promote long-term usability and uptake by the scientific community, workflows (as well as the tools that integrate them) should become findable, accessible, understandable, reusable, and citable so that author’s credit is attributed fairly and accurately.

The work on ...

Start Date: 30th Nov 2020

End Date: 30th Nov 2020

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Country: Not specified

City: Virtual

In the age of computational science, researchers in the life sciences – just as in other domains – regularly face the need of composing several individual software tools into pipelines or workflows that perform the specific data analysis processes that they need in their research. For over 20 years now, dedicated scientific workflow management systems have been supporting scientists in this task, and they continue to gain popularity. In fact, recent years have seen significant progress in the ...

Start Date: 7th Mar 2020

End Date: 13th Mar 2020

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Country:  Netherlands

City: Leiden

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